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Identify the processes that offer the greatest return on investment to your organization.

The pathway to doing more with less is through your value driving processes

If your ambition is to do more with less, and to leverage the power of automation, then the key to scaling and standardizing your operations will be how well your staff performs your value driving processes. They have the answers, but they're dealing with the urgent and important.

Leverage our team to interview your experts and document “what good looks like”. From there, you are in a position to scale and standardize the ideal process, improve employee morale, and boost customer satisfaction.

Here’s how we do that with you.

It starts with extracting key components of your strategic plan and building the Balanced Scorecard. Once we have outlined your Key Business Objectives and Key Performance Indicators, we inventory and categorize your processes as either value-driving or cost driving processes. From there we prioritize key processes that have the most potential to impact the business relative to the level of effort to implement them. We document the processes as currently constituted and design how best to automate them and enable your staff.

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Start with the Balanced Scorecard to align your organization

The Balanced Scorecard is a powerful tool that we use to align the organization and focus the weight of process optimization on the most important processes. The methodology is a proven framework and for companies large and small, the process helps align the organization from the top to the frontline.

The Balanced Scorecard deliverable is identifying the Key Business Objectives and their related Key Performance Indicators.

Inventory and Categorize your Processes to begin prioritizing the initiative

We break down your businesses processes using common Work Breakdown Structures and then categorize your processes into the value-driving and cost-driving processes. Identifying value drivers and cost drivers within your processes is crucial for prioritization and resource allocation. This comprehensive analysis will reveal the fastest path to your desired business outcome.

Invest in Process Optimization

Our clients repeatedly tell us that they gain a new appreciation for the way that they create value for their customers after seeing the process maps we build for them. We use sophisticated software to assist us in conducting stakeholder interviews and document the processes in real time using artificial intelligence. From there, our subject matter experts leverage their business analyst skills to design the optimized process for your future state.

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Make decisions simple by using an Effort to Impact Matrix

To further aid the decision to invest in your workforce transformation and to allocate constrained resources, we use an Effort to Impact matrix. This tool accelerates the decision-making process. The matrix allows you to visualize the effort required versus the impact achieved for each process. By plotting your processes on this matrix, we help you prioritize actions based on their potential benefits and resource requirements, ensuring a focused and strategic approach to process optimization.

Streamline adoption by clustering the rollout

We recognize that tackling numerous processes individually can be overwhelming. That's why we employ a strategic approach by clustering related processes together. This allows us to address interconnected processes as a cohesive unit, leading to streamlined operations and enhanced performance across the board. By simplifying complex processes and eliminating redundancies, we unlock efficiency and cost savings.

Prioritize for Impact

We understand that not all processes are equal when it comes to impact. By clustering your processes based on their impact, we enable you to allocate resources efficiently and address high-impact areas first. This data-driven approach ensures that your efforts are channeled where they matter the most, resulting in tangible and significant improvements.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your People

Our Workforce Transformation business unit builds the roadmap to help senior executives do more with less. Unleash your people, automate your processes, enable your staff, and have confidence in the investments your organization makes to scale your operations.