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Multi-disciplinary, credentialed experts at the ready.

We play well with others

Whether you are looking to recruit a single guru, or a team of multi-disciplinary, credentialed subject matter experts, we support Marketing, Operational, and IT teams in a staff augmentation capacity. Our resources will arrive with the collective knowledge of our firm. If you’ve purchased staff augmentation services before, you know that’s not always the case.

Positioning a marketing technology stack and applications for success is more than just configuration. You can start with our business analysts in ‘Think’ and then move to our configuration and solution engineers in the ‘Build’ and ‘Run phase. We can perform this as part of a broader team where we lend a hand, or by providing a team of experts for more intense initiatives. We typically support the bridge between Marketing Operations (sometimes called MOPS) and IT.

Lima Consulting Group
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Immediate deployment to assist with critical projects or issues

Our resources can kickstart your new initiative or jump in to stop the bleeding of an ongoing initiative gone sideways. We’re prepared to adapt to the unique needs and environments of each project and collaborate with other teams and stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes. Our resources have experience rapidly adding value to the portfolio of partnerships that are already providing service.

Over the years, many of our customers have praised our ability to provide leadership in complex webs of agencies and partnerships. In other words, our partners have told us we play nicely with others. We value open communication and building cooperative relationships. 


Value beyond an expert resource:

Governance & Transparency:

Every staff augmentation contract comes with a project manager. This project manager will coordinate resources and ensure hours are recorded on time. Get a real-time view into where and how time is being managed through our leading project management and time tracking platform. Our clients have reported that the transparency we provide them has helped them get more value out of their staff augmentation contracts and a quicker time to value.

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Lima Consulting Group

Proven Methodologies:

The processes and methodologies LCG has developed since its founding in 2004 come joined at the hip with our staff augmentation. We know what the steps are. Utilize our expert resources and institutional knowledge to accelerate the project and your time to value. If you wish to use your own methodology, we’re flexible and can adapt to meet your processes.

Access to our Business Analysts:

Our staff augmentation resources have access to our business analysts so that they can identify the right methodologies, frameworks, project plans, and templates that are needed to add value to the project. Our consultants are trained in our proven methodologies and processes and, should your organization want to leverage them, they are accessible to you through our staff augmentation contracts.

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Access to our Multi-Disciplinary Team:

Equipped with a divide and conquer mentality, our staff augmentation teams are greater than the sum of their parts. Leverage our resources when presented with a short or long-term need for specialized skills and expertise. Wherever you are on the journey – think, build, or run – we can help. 

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  • LCG provides oversight for staff augmentation consultants to address planning needs, knowledge transfer, reporting, performance management, and minimize the organization’s need to provide guidance.
  • Staff Augmentation resources come already trained, and certified or knowledgeable in the tools the organization is using and generally require less on-boarding.
  • Get the experts you need at the level you want. Your organization can secure business and technical support with a customized specialty in your desired labor category. The "pay as you go" business model may be a more cost-effective way to accomplish the stated needs of the business in a short period of time.
  • The load balancing nature of staff augmentation allows you to accommodate shorter time frames and compress calendar days of a project's duration. For instance, if you have 3 units of work and 1 person, the work will take 3 days. But by ramping up 2 people, you can condense that work into just 1 day. If you’ve been through this before, you know that adding more staff can introduce complexity and slow things down. Leverage our know-how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.
  • The business can adjust staff to secure desired business outcomes without service interruptions or delays.
  • LCG provides weekly operational and financial reporting (through Workfront). Reports demonstrate financial and workload/hours transparency in ways that many FTE do not report.
  • An LCG-provided project manager acts as a mechanism for optimizing the value of the staff provided, if desired. Internal coordination, feedback, and performance tweaks take you out of the middle and allow you to focus your resources elsewhere.
  • Many organizations require highly specialized and credentialed expertise for specific projects or tasks, but hiring someone full-time doesn't always align with their needs. We offer a solution by providing access to sought-after resources on a flexible basis.